31 January 2010

FOCUS: “Fairytale” by Miwa Yanagi

“This series uses as its base tales in which young girls and old women appear, such as the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and the short story Erendira by Gabriel García Márquez. (…) Fairy Tale consists of black-and-white photographs made in an orthodox way (…). Here, girls play both young and old roles by means of special effects makeup in strange, closed-off indoor settings that are at the same time internal landscapes from the artist's own psyche, as well as a world of metaphors and symbols that goes beyond Yanagi's own vision in a way that makes these images worthy of the appellation “fairy tale.” By no means are these images mere illustrations of the fairy tales on which they are based; they are the unique creations of the artist Miwa Yanagi which are sure to capture the imagination of all those who view them.

Review here.
Miwa Yanagi’s website.

18 January 2010


Armação de Pêra (Portugal), Nuno Vieira Matos, 2007 (gelatine silver print) – click to enlarge

16 January 2010

FOCUS: “Segunda Escolha” by Antonio Pedro Ferreira

“What takes a newly graduated doctor to abandon Portugal and go to Paris? Disappointed with the situation in Portugal, regretting the choice of degree or the courage to runaway with his lover, the photography?
This runway starts in 1982 and will last to 1984, the period use by the young doctor to remain in Paris chasing Portuguese emigrants, searching for a set of images that could witness and deliver social understanding about them.
Intense months. Magnum Agency was supervising the work. (…) Never before a Portuguese photographer had this chance.”

Translated from a text written by Luiz Carvalho (the complete version, in portuguese can be found here).

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Currently being exhibited at K Galeria, Lisbon.

13 January 2010


Paris (France), Nuno Vieira Matos, 2006 (gelatine silver print) – click to enlarge

12 January 2010

EROS: Helmut Newton

Celia, Miami, Helmut Newton 1991

05 January 2010


Lisbon (Portugal), Nuno Vieira Matos, 2006 (gelatine silver print) – click to enlarge

04 January 2010

EROS: Sára Saudková

Geisha, Sára Saudková 2002