26 March 2010

FOCUS: “Bullying in Mirandela” by nelson d’aires

“Past Tuesday, after being beaten by an older student, 12 years old Leandro Pires runaway from school and jumped to Tua river, in Mirandela (Portugal). Twin brother and cousins tried to stop him but with no success. Leandro Filipe Pires, living in Mirandela was a victim of bullying”

Translated from here.
Nelson’s website.


24 March 2010


Atouguia (Portugal), Nuno Vieira Matos, 2007 (gelatine silver print) – click to enlarge

21 March 2010

FOCUS: “Israeli Woman” by Victor Ben Tzvi

“ISRAELI WOMEN is a photo-poem in developing stages about western woman in the modern cultural climate; a dialogue between the phenomena and the abstract feminine essence. The project is not a candid documentary work uncovering the phenomena through personal stories. In fact, my sitters are Personages – synthesis of their authentic characteristics and thematically attributed narratives.”

in Burn Magazine
Victor Ben Tzvi’s website

08 March 2010


"...cities burn day and night..."

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Paris (France), Nuno Vieira Matos, 2006 (gelatine silver print) – click to enlarge