26 August 2012

FOCUS: "Stuff i Gotta Remember Not to Forget" by Darin Mickey

"The concept behind Darin Mickey’s photobook is relatively straightforward, in 2001 he began following his father around, documenting his life at work and at home. This photobook has developed into a desire by the photographer to understand what his father did as a salesman and who he was. Mickey created a broader narrative by including his father at home, and those things about home that might define a person. As an investigation into identity, it was directed at his subject, his fathers and indirectly it is about his own identity."
in PhotoBook

Maybe because I have a certain fascination with rovers that wander away from the glamour spotlight of the 'travelers', this photo book from Darin caught my attention. The reason I am suggesting it here is because the execution is remarkable. You can see the complete body of work in it's website (link below).

Darin's website

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